Inner the mind of white The US – BBC Info

Inner the mind of white The US – BBC Info

The notion of there being “two Americas” is form of as used because the nation itself. From the outset there be pleased been the landowners, the ruling class – the “haves”. And then there be pleased been the be pleased-nots. That divide has been economic but also racial, with minorities claiming a disproportionately minute half of the nation’s huge wealth.
And yet, a 2013 Pew Compare Center discover confirmed that half of white Americans surveyed produce no longer feel that African Americans are treated much less fairly by the police, employers, doctors and others. Only 13% of blacks felt the identical capability. Amid the newest backdrop of the Shaded Lives Matter circulation and increasing wealth disparity, Clive Myrie from the BBC’s This Week’s World delves into what white Americans heed – or produce no longer – about dawdle.

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